The Mission

An estimated 50% of the Afghan population have mental health issues. The approach taken to dealing with these issues is predominantly a biomedical one, with less emphasis on psychosocial approaches.

CBMHP is a large-scale community mental health system that does both: it designs and runs psychosocial programmes, conducting community outreach, support, training and awareness raising, and has a strong referral system in place, so that people who need medical attention receive it. So far, the programme has reached 50,000 people in just two years.

The Challenge

The project has strong support from the Afghan government, which has been hugely important in enabling it to grow. As it continues to grow, there is a challenge in ensuring it retains community ownership. There are also challenges stemming from the conflict in this region, which can disrupt activity and affect retention of volunteers.

The Collaboration

Our partnership will include work to continue developing the project's international network, while also building the team's capacity in certain areas so they feel fully equipped to own the project as it grows.

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