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Child, Adolescent and Family Services

Sri Lanka |

The Mission

There are multiple barriers - logistical, financial, cultural - that can prevent families, children and young people from accessing the mental health care they need. CAFS was established to find ways of overcoming or working around these barriers.

CAFS run accessible, child-friendly community hubs where they host a variety of professionals from different disciplines and offer a range of mental health services. The hubs also offer opportunities for trainee psychologists and students to gain experience, and for all participants to access childcare. The team consciously seek to create spaces that work for all those who access them, across class and ethnic groups.

The Challenge

The team has a strong vision for this project and are creative in the ways they communicate this. One of the challenges they face is in managing the operations and developing the strategy needed to get them where they want to be.

The Collaboration

One area the partnership is focused on is in building the operational capabilities CAFS needs to achieve their vision.

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