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Nepal |

The Mission

CMC-Nepal is a community mental health project that works in collaboration with government, NGOs and community-based organisations to train and supervise health and lay workers in providing psychosocial support. Their programmes are designed to intersect with other issues that can make people vulnerable to mental ill health, such as migration, gender-based violence and bonded labour.

Implemented across more than 20 districts, CMC-Nepal is integrated into municipal structures and draws on strong relationships with municipality officials.

The Challenge

This initiative has already had significant impact, having reached more than 60,000 people. The challenge is to articulate the story of this impact in a compelling way that can engage a wider range of audiences. While the project has strong ties in-country with government and community stakeholders, they don't have the visibility in the wider global mental health sphere that they would like to to achieve their goals.

The Collaboration

Ember and the CMC team are working to develop the story of the organisation so that it communicates, in an engaging way, the human impact of hteir work. We are also working to build their profile beyond Nepal as a leader in community mental health.

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