Family Networks for Kids


The Mission

FaNs (Family Networks) for Kids uses technology to identify families and caregivers who have a child with developmental disorders in rural villages. Using community health workers, they then provide support and training to those families to help them provide better care for their children. They can also then become advocates for their children, working to tackle stigma and misunderstanding in their communities.

The Challenge

FaNs had successfully piloted their model in rural Pakistan. As an organisation, they had no visibility beyond a particular academic circle. To move to the next stage, they needed to expand awareness of their innovative model and decide on the most effective strategic approach for growing their work.

The Collaboration


Given the pivotal point in their development at which Ember partnered with FaNs, it was crucial to identify their immediate strategic priorities. Together we considered the different models through which FaNs' activity could be scaled up, ruling out the options that were unfeasible. We developed a business model canvas capturing this information and the most effective course of action.


To achieve these goals, FaNs needed to share their learnings with a global audience, beyond academia. Together, we developed a communications strategy that would allow them to reach new audiences by telling the story of their work and impact in an accessible way.

Through workshops, training sessions and feedback, we supported one member of the FaNs team to build their capacity in communications so that they can take the lead in this strand of activity going forward. A key part of this was creating and launching a new FaNs website that includes a blog section.


Ember showcased FaNs as a story of impact at the Time To Act on Global Mental Health event held in September 2018 at the United Nations General Assembly in New York – the first ever UN event dedicated to mental health. This involved developing a pitch that expressed the project’s model, it’s innovative value and its potential for scale-up.

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