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The Mission

An oft-neglected factor that contributes to Zimbabwe's high rates of infant and maternal morbidity is maternal and paternal mental health, yet there is little mental health care available for new parents, particularly for fathers.

Run by qualified family therapists and drawing on the skills and infrastructure of their parent organisation, the Society for Pre and Post Natal Services, HCCP provides mental health support to new mothers and fathers. They work in clinics and conduct family visits within the community.

The Challenge

One of the key challenges for HCCP's team is to capture and communicate the impact they're having on the lives of new parents.

HCCP already has strong relationships within the community where they're working and with the Ministry of Health. One of their ambitions now is to grow their network further in order to identify potential partners and funding opportunities.

The Collaboration

The partnership between HCCP and Ember will therefore be focused largely on growing their network and capturing and communicating their impact.

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