Buena Semilla

Guatemala | http://www.buena-semilla.org | @buenasemillaorg

The Mission

Buena Semilla create peer-led support groups – Women’s Circles – to empower indigenous Maya women to become agents of change in their lives and communities. In the Circles women talk, share and support each other in a safe space facilitated by trained peers, including traditional midwives and community health workers.

The Challenge

Buena Semilla’s vision is to expand the Circles for other sections of the community. However, they have struggled to break the funding loop of moving from research grant to research grant. To expand their work, they needed to secure new sources of funding, which requires developing a stronger identity as an organisation.

The Collaboration

Through workshops and training sessions, Ember worked with the Buena Semilla team to identify alternative ways of funding their work, beyond academic grants. We developed a new fundraising strategy that would help the organisation become more sustainable.

Securing funding from new sources required that Buena Semilla have a strong and cohesive identity as an organization that could credibly show the impact of their work. Together we renewed their brand identity, created a new logo and helped them update their website so that these more directly reflected their unique ethos. We then worked together to develop a strategy for how to tell Beuna Semilla’s story to a wider audience, beyond the academic sphere, through a variety of channels.

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