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PDO Kenya

Kenya |

The Mission

PDO provides free community-based support to people with mental illnesses in Nakuru and neighbouring Counties Kenya. Though open to all, they focus particularly on reaching marginalized communities with no other recourse to care, such as vulnerable adolescents, prisoners, sex workers and people living with HIV. Through their Pamoja Initiative, PDO recruits and trains volunteers and specialists who contribute their time and experience to provide free mental health services.

The Challenge

Given the scope and variety of PDO’s work, a central challenge is to articulate their mission, model and impact in a clear and concise fashion. PDO’s profile has been growing in recent months as they gain recognition for their work. However, their name, branding and logo no longer reflected the values of the organisation.

The Collaboration

We conducted a series of creative workshop with the PDO team to identify a new name and create a new logo. The organisation moved from the name PDO (Psychiatric Disability Organisation) to Alika, a Swahili word that means “to invite” and that reflects the core values of the organisation: Alika invites you inside, invites you to think differently about mental health, invites you to become part of a support system.

We are also working with PDO to develop an efficient monitoring and evaluation framework that can capture and convey the immense impact of their work, across all its different components.

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