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Punto de Encuentro


The Mission

Financial dependence is one of the major issues that prevents women leaving violent partners. Punto de Encuentro supports victims of gender-based violence to improve their mental health and become financially independent, premised on the idea that the first step to empowering women in this situation is enabling them to find a source of income.

Working with vulnerable women, PdE offers therapy sessions and skills-based workshops to support women in developing professional skills, while also providing meals and childcare.

The Challenge

The team faces a challenge in tracking and communicating the impact of the project, as well as in raising the profile of their work. Securing stable funding is also a challenge.

The Collaboration

Ember is working with the Punto de Encuentro team to map and consolidate the model, and to develop a robust monitoring and evaluation framework. This will buttress their fundraising efforts by making them more appealing to potential donors.

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