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Tunnel Light


The Mission

Tunnel Light aims to provide support and guidance to the parents and caregivers of children with autism in Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana. It was born out of the personal experiences of its founder, Bernice Nelson, of raising a child with autism. Bernice is dedicated to creating a community of understanding and support so that other parents do not have to experience the sense of isolation she did in learning how best to care for her child.

The Challenge

Tunnel Light reached out to Ember while still in its earliest infancy. The fundamental challenge was to decide on the necessary steps to take it from idea to impact.

The Collaboration


One of the first steps on this journey is articulating the mission, ethos and approach at the heart of what you're doing. We worked with Bernice to identify what these were for Tunnel Light so that she could begin building the project's identity on these foundations. Together we mapped the activities carried out by Tunnel Light and the objectives


We worked with Bernice to identify the key audiences Tunnel Light needs to engage to achieve its objectives. We ran a training session to build her capability and confidence in crafting effective communications to reach those audiences.


We connected Bernice with useful contacts working in mental health in other parts of Africa and beyond.

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