Our Process

Ember combines the best of business consultancy, participatory design, creative learning and philanthropy to create a radically different approach to funding mental health.

How do we do that?


We Find

  • We identify excellent community-based mental health initiatives through a global call-out and simple application process
  • We use our diagnostic tool, the Ember Health Check, to understand their strengths, challenges and needs
  • We select a diverse cohort of initiatives to work with

We Mentor

  • We establish strong, open relationships with our partners and gain a deeper understanding of their work
  • We deliver a 12-month package of in-kind support based on their needs. This might include working on strategy, communications and impact evaluation; building new skills and collaborative networks; and finding opportunities to showcase their work to new audiences
  • We connect the initiatives with others in the cohort to exchange insights and join a community of expertise and solidarity
  • We dedicate funds and time to supporting the wellbeing of the teams behind these initiatives, because too often the work they do takes a toll on their own mental health

We Fund

  • We evaluate the impact of our mentorship and the progress made, and reflect on what we've learned from the partnerships
  • We invest in a number of the initiatives, looking at which initiatives have the greatest potential and where our funding can make the biggest difference
  • We promote the insights and expertise of the initiatives we've partnered with so that others can learn from their work
  • We continue to provide mentorship, wellbeing support and networking opportunities throughout this stage of the partnership