Ember Spotlights 'Girls for Girls: A Short Film'

Aug 31, 2023

Ember Spotlights 'Girls for Girls: A Short Film'

Ember has released a short film telling the story of Girls for Girls Africa Mental Health Foundation, a community-based, survivor-led NGO based in Kenya. You can watch the film here.

Girls for Girls Africa Mental Health Foundation (G4G) operate across three areas of Mombasa County and the Coast Province of Kenya, where there are very high rates of gender-based violence. Their connection to their community and holistic approach to mental health uniquely equip them provide emotional, social, educational and legal support to survivors.

In 2022, the Ember team flew to Kenya to capture how G4G has fostered a thriving community of survivors.

In this short film, we interview Queentah Wambulwa, founder of G4G, as well as survivors, to find out how G4G empowers women and their caregivers to heal from their trauma.

This short film was screened at Sparks Meet-Up 2023, an event co-organised by the SHM Foundation fostering connections in global mental health. Check out the trailer here.

Thank you to the incredible creative team for bringing the film to life: Patrick 'Sapat' Opips, Martin 'Drix' Muyeshi and Giscard Ingabire (Filming & Sound), Reiff Gaskell (Editing), Danielle Rhoda (Animation), and Iona Gaskell and Rini Sinha (Creative Producers).

Content note: This film has discussions of traumatic events, including sexual abuse and assault. This might be a lot to take in, so we urge you to put yourself first, and tread carefully.