Ember announces new cohort for 2022, along with funding for 5 existing partners

Dec 15, 2021

Ember announces new cohort for 2022, along with funding for 5 existing partners

We are thrilled to announce the 14 initiatives we are partnering with for 2022. Nine initiatives have been selected to join our new cohort. Additionally, five initiatives from our 2020-2021 cohort will receive funding as part of the second phase of their Ember partnership.

166 applications, 50 countries- the response to Ember's 2021 call-out demonstrated the wealth of community action, activism, innovation and commitment to mental health by local organisations and networks around the world. While these initiatives are at the frontline of providing mental health support, there is a dearth of resources available to support their work.

Ensuring mental health care is accessible for all requires a diverse ecosystem of mental health care to flourish worldwide.

At Ember, we are committed to nourishing that ecosystem by supporting a diverse range of mental health initiatives to thrive.

We are thrilled to announce that Ember will be partnering with nine initiatives to form our new cohort for 2022. The initiatives we have selected represent a wide range of approaches to and dimensions of mental health. They are working at different scales and in very different contexts.

Through our work, we have also learnt that each stage in an organisation's journey requires different kinds of support. We are proud to share that 2022 will also marks a new stage in our journey as a funder. Five initiatives from our 2020-2021 cohort will receive funding as part of the second phase of their Ember partnership.

Ember Cohort 2022-2023

Camino Abierto,Argentina

An integrated model of support for people with mental health conditions and their families, that includes a cultural centre, peer support groups and a livelihoods initiative.

Church of Uganda Kisiizi Hospital, Uganda

A not-for-profit mental health clinic for rural communities, providing free support to more than 400 patients a month with a team of only one psychiatrist and four nurses.

Global Mental Health Peer Network, Global

The first global organisation dedicated to cultivating and catalysing a new generation of lived experience leaders to drive transformation in the global mental health sector.

Girls for Girls, Kenya

A trauma-informed, survivor-led NGO, providing psychosocial support, trauma healing sessions and economic empowerment programmes to women who have survived abuse, teen mothers, women living with HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ+ people.

Hope Restoration and Health Initiative, Nigeria

A centre that provides shelter, mental health care and life skills to homeless individuals recovering from severe mental conditions, while also supporting their families, in order to facilitate reintegration into communities.

KPSI (Komunitas Peduli Skizofrenia Indonesia), Indonesia

A nation-wide support network for 70,000 caregivers of people with severe mental illness to connect, educate and empower them in advocating for better mental health systems in their areas.

Positive Konnections, Zimbabwe

A 12-week storytelling-based programme, accessible through an app, to support children and young people living with HIV, reframing their experiences through the lens of superhero stories.

Project Phoenix, India

A three-year programme that supports children in Delhi who live in urban slums and institutions, and children of sex workers, to build their emotional resilience and livelihood skills.

The Taala Foundation, Uganda

A multi-disciplinary team promoting wellbeing for people within the gender and sexual diverse spectrum through support groups, scholarships and education, and legal assistance.

Ember Partnership: Phase II

These five initiatives from our 2020-2021 cohort have been selected to receive funding from Ember as part of a second phase of partnership. In this phase, each innovator will receive a grant in addition to continued in-kind support. This phase is designed to enable each partner to take a critical strategic step forward, with the grant covering difficult-to-fund costs that enable long-term shifts in the organisation's sustainability, such as professionalising their operational models, replicating in new settings or scaling up their activities.

Child, Adolescent and Family Services (CAFS), Sri Lanka

CAFS provides psychosocial services to families and young people experiencing mental distress in a non-clinical setting where they feel at home.

Huertomanias, Ecuador

Huertomanías is a collective of people living with severe mental disorders, predominantly schizophrenia, whose mission is to achieve financial and social autonomy through livelihoods projects, such as gardening.

Mental Health and Wellbeing on Campus (MH&WB), Kenya

MH+WB is a project by Basic Needs Basic Rights Kenya that works in universities to improve the mental health and wellbeing of students and create more supportive institutional environments as they navigate the stresses of their studies.

Mental Health Service Users Association (MSHUA), Ethiopia

MHSUA is an association of people with severe mental disorders advocating for their voices to be taken into account in the design and implementation of mental health policy and services in Ethiopia.

Open Hands, Botswana

Open Hands is a user-led project that supports and advocates for the mental health needs of LGBTI+ communities in Botswana.

We are honoured to be working with these incredible mental health initiatives, and excited to see what 2022 will bring.