Centre for Mental Health and Counselling Nepal

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CMC-Nepal works in collaboration with government, NGOs and community-based organisations to train and supervise health and lay workings in providing psychosocial support.

CMC-Nepal sees mental health service provision as a system. They are embedded at all levels of that system, from the smallest village to the district hospital right through to government policymakers. Over two decades of work, they have expanded across twenty districts.

What Others Can Learn

CMC-Nepal are able to share insights across this system, which allows each part of the system to benefit from the expertise of those in other parts of the system. In this way, they are able to achieve both scale and nuance in the delivery of their services.

Partnership With Ember

Over their two decades of growth, CMC-Nepal has become well-regarded among Nepal’s NGOs. Given, the increased attention on community mental health in recent years, they now wanted to expand their visibility beyond that sphere, to be recognised for their longstanding expertise in this area.

Our work together has therefore focused on finding new ways to tell the story of what they do, beyond the language of NGOs, and identifying new audiences to tell it to.

CMC-Nepal now has a compelling pitch that demonstrates their approach, activity and impact. This lays the groundwork for them to establish new partnerships.

Centre for Mental Health and Counselling Nepal