Punto de Encuentro


Punto de Encuentro’s mission is to strengthen the psychological, economic, and social autonomy of women and young people affected by gender-based violence.

They provide a space where people can form a community, access support and develop a trade, such as hairdressing.

What Others Can Learn

Punto de Encuentro approaches the mental health of the women they work with in context: in terms of the disadvantage, violence or inequality that leads to mental ill health. Their approach is to address each of those risk factors and therefore attempt to get to the root of some of these problems, not only the mental health issues that result.

Partnership With Ember

The team behind Punto de Encuentro have a background in research, so while the project was well articulated in academic terms, it was not communicated in a way that was accessible to other audiences, such as non-research funders and the community they work with.

Through our work together, Punto de Encuentro has realised the importance of investing in communications and hired someone to focus on this area. They have developed a strong brand identity that captures the essence of their work in a way that is attractive to both participants and funders. They have built skills in storytelling, including social media management, and used these skills to collectively script a crowdfunding video.

This process has also helped the team clarify and expand their ambitions for the future. They now have plans to further innovate the model of support.

Punto de Encuentro