Quan Tam Network


Quan Tam Network is a community support programme that aims to improve the quality of life for people living with severe mental disorders and their carers.

QTN creates support networks of people with shared experiences and brings them together to share and learn strategies for providing care. They also share information and host events, such as community talent shows, to destigmatise severe mental disorders.

What Others Can Learn

QTN is incredibly adept at identifying the right stakeholders and gatekeepers to form collaborative partnerships with, from the Women’s Union to local authorities. By “piggy-backing” on existing community structures and networks, they gain access to the people and spaces that can otherwise be hard to reach, helping them achieve their objectives.

Partnership With Ember

Quan Tam Network was born as a research project that was one programme among many developed by their parent organisation, RTCCD. Despite the project’s success, it lacked its own distinct identity, with no name, online presence or clear vision. This made it difficult to become visible to new funders, and also inhibited the project from developing beyond its first iteration.

identified the values and principles that drive their approach. We then developed a brand identity that reflects them, from finding the right name – ‘Quan Tam’ means ‘care’ – to creating a distinctive logo and aesthetic, as well as a 1-pager and pitch, that communicate the mission and impact of this project in creative, accessible ways.

Our work together saw Quan Tam Network gain a clear identity, story and ethos, that has built a firm foundation for the leadership team to innovate the model.

Quan Tam Network