Society for Pre and Post Natal Services (SPANS)

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SPANS provides mental health support to new mothers and fathers to promote good mental health across the life cycle.

Run by qualified family therapists and a network of volunteers, SPANS works in clinics, conducts family visits and trains students in family therapy and counselling. They also carry out awareness-raising activities, going out into communities to have conversations about mental health and wellbeing, and share information.

What Others Can Learn

SPANS are emblematic of the responsiveness of grassroots organisations to community needs. Their agility and creativity enable them to tackle new community challenges and priorities as they arise and adapt their activities speedily.

This was particularly clear during the Covid-19 pandemic. They quickly developed an entirely new model of outreach, awareness-raising and support, despite the new regulations, to reach wider audiences during a time of need.

Partnership With Ember

SPANS was at a stage where they needed to develop additional operational infrastructure to enable them to grow in line with their ambitions. The goal of the partnership was to develop that infrastructure and build their profile.

Through our work together, the team have developed skills in monitoring and evaluation and implemented a system for collecting data on their work. Additionally, they have developed skills in financial management and conducted successful crowdfund campaigns. Finally, they have created a new brand identity.

With this stronger operational foundation, SPANS has gained visibility and recognition, presenting their work to global audiences and growing their network internationally.

Society for Pre and Post Natal Services (SPANS)