Taala Foundation

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Taala Foundation advocates for advancing holistic wellbeing, fostering inclusivity, and upholding dignity for marginalised groups in Uganda.

Taala was founded in 2017- with the aim of being a localised solution to the global problem of continuous exclusion and discrimination of disenfranchised minorities. It was created to provide mental health services for these groups and to also educate other organisations on the needs of these communities.

What Others Can Learn

Taala’s approach focuses at both the individual level by supporting mental health & wellbeing, and at the community level, by sharing evidence-based learnings with other like-minded organisations working in this field in Uganda.

Partnership With Ember

Having piloted their work, Taala are at the stage of professionalising the organisation, with a long-term view to replicating their work in other African countries. The partnership is focused on strengthening their fundraising strategy, increasing their visibility, connecting them with new partners, and supporting on their monitoring and evaluation processes.

Taala Foundation