Global Mental Health Peer Network

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The first global organisation dedicated to cultivating and catalysing a new generation of lived experience leaders to drive transformation in the global mental health sector.

Run by and for people with lived experience of mental health conditions, GMHPN develops their leadership potential and supports their advocacy journey through training, workshops, peer support and other activities. With 100+ advocates across 38 countries, their members are playing varied and highly influential roles in shaping the global mental health field, from high-level policy consultations, to large-scale research programmes, international collaborative initiatives, to founding new organisations.

What Others Can Learn

GMHPN is a one-of-its-kind model led by and for people with lived experience of mental health conditions, creating a global community of support and using their expertise to drive change. The model showcases how the right support and skills can be empowering for people who experience stigma and discrimination.

Partnership With Ember

GMHPN are well-known and well-regarded globally. They are working with Ember to develop a rigorous monitoring and evaluation system to track the impact of their work around the world, and developing a fundraising strategy to create more long-term stability for the organisation. Additionally, we are working together to finesse their service offering as experts-by-experience in order to develop a new financial model that can diversify their income streams.

Global Mental Health Peer Network