Church of Uganda Kisiizi Hospital

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Kisiizi Hospital is the biggest not-for-profit mental health care provider in rural South-West Uganda, providing free services to more than 400 people per month.

They treat patients with neurological and mental health conditions, including specific clinics for epilepsy and substance abuse, through in- and out-patient clinics, community outreach programmes and health promotion activities.

What Others Can Learn

This community hospital is working to create access to quality services in a context with severely constrained resources for mental health. In this rural setting, stigma around mental and neurological disorders is entrenched.

Partnership With Ember

Kisiizi Hospital’s long-term ambition is to scale up their service provision, but in the short-term they aim to strengthen their operations, to ensure all patients are receiving the highest quality of care. Their partnership with Ember is focused on this goal. We are working together to expand Kisiizi’s network in the global mental health field; connect them with potential funders; and increase their visibility.

Church of Uganda Kisiizi Hospital