Hope Restoration and Health Initiative

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A residential centre that provides shelter, mental health support and life skills empowerment to individuals recovering from severe mental conditions, partnering with family members, in order to facilitate their reintegration into communities.

Homelessness resulting from severe mental ill health is a global phenomenon. In Nigeria, being discharged from hospital with nowhere to go, or to become dependent on families who struggle to provide support, puts these individuals at huge risk of homelessness and relapse. This blocks the path to recovery and rehabilitation.

What Others Can Learn

Unlike emergency homeless shelters that take in individuals in crisis situations for short periods of time, they provide accommodation for several months, following hospital discharge, wanting to ensure individuals are ready to return to the community without risk of relapse or homelessness.

Partnership With Ember

Their goal is to become a benchmark social enterprise for support and reintegration of people recovering from severe mental health conditions, and eventually to replicate the model in other parts of Nigeria. Ember is supporting in the development of their operational model, and in creating a strong communications strategy that can help them to secure funding and other partnerships.

Hope Restoration and Health Initiative