Girls for Girls Africa Mental Health Foundation

Kenya |

A community-based, survivor-led NGO, providing mental health, educational and legal support to people affected by sexual and gender-based violence.

G4G aims to empower survivors of gender-based violence and their caregivers, and other marginalized people who face violence and stigma, to live full, healthy lives with autonomy and self-determination, and to build resilient communities where they can access justice. They do this by creating safe spaces where survivors and care-givers can process their trauma and begin a journey of healing and recovery in a community of lived experience.

What Others Can Learn

G4G takes a holistic view of mental health, both in their approach, which considers psychological, financial, nutritional and social dimensions of life; and in their delivery, which ranges from group therapy, gardening, one-on-one counselling and home visits to judicial support.

Their model works by integrating with existing public services to make the best use of resources and expand the support available to those who need it. This model has allowed them to replicate their services across three areas of Mombasa county, by "piggybacking" on existing infrastructure.

Partnership With Ember

Ember and G4G are working together to strengthen the operational and financial models for G4G, and to develop and embed robust monitoring and evaluation processes.

Girls for Girls Africa Mental Health Foundation