Positive Konnections

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Positive Konnections is a tech-enabled support programme for young people living with HIV and experiencing hardship.

Young people living with HIV face stigma as a result of their status, and are at high risk of developing mental health conditions. Mental health is important in improving viral suppression and overall health outcomes, but there is inadequate support available. Through a psychosocial support curriculum hosted on a mobile phone application, the model uses narrative therapy techniques and the superheroes metaphor to reframe struggles so participants can think of themselves in new ways.

What Others Can Learn

Based on research and users' feedback, their model uses creative narrative therapy techniques delivered on an accessible and youth-friendly platform. There is significant potential to scale up the model, or incorporate it into existing HIV services, in partnership with organisations across southern Africa.

Partnership With Ember

With the long-term goal of scaling up or replicating the model in partnership with other organisations, the PK team are strengthening and refining the app, building their evidence base and growing their network. The partnership is focused on developing their strategy, capturing and communicating their impact, and building a new business model.

Positive Konnections